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 Pastor Contact Info
Pastor Paul Learman
contact via email
414-545-4345 (office) 


Other Church Information ...

The PARENTS' ROOM is located in the back of the church sanctuary and is accessible by way of the entry (narthex). It has comfortable furniture and allows you to participate in our worship in a more private setting.

We have RESTROOMS upstairs and downstairs.  You will find the upstairs restrooms by following the corridor where the pigeon hole cabinet and a coat rack are located, then turn right.  Both upstairs restrooms are equipped with changing tables.

DEVOTIONAL BOOKLETS and TRACTS are available in the narthex.  Some are on the wall-mounted table and more are in the track rack next to the bulletin board.  Please take them along home with you and use them as part of your faith-life.

CHURCH ACTIVITIES include Adult Choir, Ladies Guild, and Sheepshead Fellowship. 

The church is HANDICAPPED ACCESSIBLE and is equipped with a heart defibulator.

Information about the WELS... 

Our church body is called the The Wisconsin Lutheran Evangelical Lutheran Synod because it was organized by Lutherans living in Wisconsin over 140 years ago.  Today it is represented across the United States of America and in many foreign lands.  Under the command and guidance of our Lord Jesus, this Synod exists to preach the gospel and to be witnesses for Him. We believe that, as a Church, we are called to reshape and renew the human heart through the use of the means of grace, the gospel of Christ Jesus in word and sacraments.


Information about what we believe...


There is only one God, the God of the Bible.

This God reveals his existence to us in nature. He reveals his character and his will to us in the Bible. The Bible is God-inspired and therefore without error, completely trustworthy and the absolute truth.

The Bible contains two main teachings, the Law and the Gospel. The Law exposes our sin and the condemnation we deserve because of sin. Sin is every imperfection in our lives.

The Gospel displays the forgiving love of God. It tells the good news that God has transferred our sin to his Son, Jesus Christ, and that he has transferred the perfect record of Christ's life to us.

Through his Holy Spirit, he works to convince us that this is true. He does not want us to think that we can rescue ourselves by the good we think we can do. He sent his Son to do the rescuing.

God communicates with us by means of the Bible, and in the Sacraments, Baptism and the Lord's Supper. These are his means of getting in touch with you, and of staying in touch with you.

God exposes your sin to help you overcome your pride and to get you to abandon any do-it-yourself ideas you may have. After he succeeds in convincing you that you cannot get right with him by any error of your own, he introduces the Savior to you.

God establishes a connection between you and himself when he leads us to a faith that trusts in him for his mercy and forgiveness that Christ won on the cross.

In view of God's love and forgiveness our faith seeks to show love and consideration to the people in our life. 

Worship is our way of letting God know how much He is worth to us. Staying connected to the message of God is what keeps a Christian going in the face of the challenges of life.

Faith in the saving Christ leads us to conform our thinking to God's will for our lives and for the world.

Come grow with us through the comforting and encouraging message of a loving God!


Information about our worship service and liturgy...

We are a "liturgical" church.  We follow a consistent order of service intended to involve people in meaningful worship.

A "liturgy" (order or form of public worship) assures that each time we worship we will:

  • unburden our guilt and be assured of God's forgiveness.
  • praise God for his greatness and thank him for his goodness.
  • Ask God for the strength, peace and blessings we all need.
  • Hear portions of the Bible chosen to reflect a special theme at each service.
  • Learn specific promises and directives God has given us for our daily life.

The weekly bulletin you receive from an usher and the hymnal at your seat will guide you through our worship.  The Bibles in the pews allow you to meditate before the service and to follow along during our worship.

Participate as you feel comfortable or just follow along and reflect on the words of worship.